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Covertec produces every type of protective film for industrial products, fully respecting nature thanks to the exclusive use of water based procedures.




Despite being very thin films they can protect the most delicate surfaces from damage. Think of all the waste due to scratches on the expensive polished finish to your surfaces.


Covertec is operated by a team of experienced professionals and technicians with an extensive knowledge and background in the adhesive and protective film industry.


COVERTEC works closely with its clients providing technical assistance during and after the use of their products and with the help of Policrom, is dedicated to provide a prompt service to its US clients and responding to all their needs.


Their research department is focused on the continuous development of innovative products which are produced according to the highest standards and is constantly striving to reach new markets and applications.




Superior Style comes from water


COVERTEC is the only company in the field that manufactures 100% their adhesives and protective films water based, powered by solar cells system, this way the emission of toxic substances in the atmosphere is reduced to the simple water vapor, guaranteeing the well-being of the workers and end-users.

This has been possible thanks to a strong investment of resources in the research & development, allowing for the manufacture of high quality adhesive and protective films with excellent technical properties and at the same time totally environment friendly.


Less Reactions - Zero Pollution: The true power of COVERTEC technology


COVERTEC’s film will help you reduce your costs while keeping your finished products looking their very best. The extraordinary characteristic of our films is the ability to stick perfectly to the surfaces you need to protect throughout the production process (drawing, bending, profiling, cutting, laser cutting, post-forming). Our product can be easily discarded by simply peeling it off, leaving you with a perfectly clean surface with no residues, ready to use.



stock-photo-stainless-steel-background-173934281Protective films for stainless steel

COVERTEC offers a wide range of protective films for stainless steel, developed to preserve any type of surface finish, including:

2B Scotch Brite

BA “Bright Annealed”


The assortment of COVERTEC protective films for stainless steel includes the typical black / white film, with possible ìline-arrowî or “Laser” print, or a gray / black film for CO2 laser cutting or plasma cutting.

We also offer different types of “easy peel” protective films, which are characterized by very easy removal.


shutterstock_63889456Protective Films for pre-painted metals

We produce protective films for Pre Painted Metals (coil coating). We are able to offer a solution for every type of coating, including:

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)




These protective films are suitable for various types of gloss levels, from high gloss to matt, with an excellent weather resistance.


list2Protective films for aluminum surfaces

COVERTEC guarantees an ideal solution for the protection of all types of aluminum surfaces:

• Unfinished Aluminum

• Anodized Aluminum - Glossy or Matt

• Satin Brushed Aluminum

• Aluminum Mirror Finish

• Pre-painted Aluminum



list2Protective films for sandwich panels

COVERTEC produces protective films for sandwich panels and trapezoidal steel sheets, in standard or special colors.

Our protective films are suitable for various types of panel:

• Wall Panels

• Roof Panels

• Trapezoidal Steel Sheets

• Roof Tile Panel


list2Protective films for decorative laminates

COVERTEC offers a wide range of protective films for decorative laminates and is able to offer a solution for every type of coating:

• HPL (High Pressure Laminate);

• CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate).





list2Protective films for carpets

Needle punched carpets are characterized by very high wear resistance, this makes them extremely useful for trade shows or generally for high traffic areas.

COVERTEC proposes a wide range of solutions for the protection of needle punched carpets.

Our protective films for carpets have a high resistance to treading, humidity and perforation, ensuring an easy removal without leaving any residue.

Furthermore, Covertec also offers different types of products for carpets in the automotive sector.



list2Protective film for plastic sheets

COVERTEC protective films are an ideal solution for the protection of all types of plastic sheets, including: PMMA, PC, PVC, ABS, PS, ASA, PP, HIPS, PE and PET.


Our protective films guarantee:

• A stable adhesiveness throughout the transformation cycle and storage

• Easy removal without leaving residues.



list2Protective films for glass

COVERTEC has different solutions for glass protection including:

• Windows

• Flat glass

• Frosted Glass

• Coated Glass

• Mirrors



list2Protection films for the automotive industry

COVERTEC offers a wide range of protective films for the automotive sector.

Our products are able to preserve the different surfaces during assembly, transport and storage:

• Car Carpets

• Lamp Systems (head- and taillights)

• Dashboard

• Door Panels

• Decorative Interior Trims

• Door Sills


list2Other applications

Many other applications and films available. For the protection of surfaces which are not mentioned above, please contact us.