Leasing 101

Policrom Equipment Leasing Program

Why Lease?

Make better use of your money

  • Conventional bank loans usually require more money upfront than leasing and often have restrictive covenants.
  • Conventional debt financing may require a 10-20% down payment.
  • Leasing generally requires only one or two payments upfront, which are applied to your future payments.

Finance 100% of your costs

In most cases, the full amount of the equipment, as well as the service, shipping, installation costs and maintenance can be included in the lease. This spreads the cost out evenly over the term of the lease freeing up your money to work harder for you. 

Improve your cash flow forecasting

The fixed nature of a lease obligation eliminates uncertainty about the future cost of the equipment. Your lease payments facilitate more accurate forecasting and planning.  

Avoid the risk of your equipment becoming obsolete

With ownership you run the risk that new technology will render your equipment obsolete within a few years, leaving you with equipment that no longer meets your needs and that is difficult to sell. Leasing allows you to replace or upgrade equipment to keep your business competitive. 

No ownership dilution

Leasing allows you to increase the cash flow of your company without bringing in investors to finance capital expenditures.



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