Onyx Rip Center Training

45-minute webinar hosted by Regional, featuring Alicia Wallace from Onyx Software. This video explains how the Onyx software works and highlights specific tools for HP users. This webinar gives an overview of: 

• How to use Onyx Software with any printer
• Simple tricks to make the process of creating a job hassle-free
• How to send a job to your printer
• Features you need to know if you have HP equipment
• Process recommendations

About The Speaker: Alicia Wallace
Alicia Wallace has 26 years of experience, from conventional to the latest digital printing. She has provided software training in both classroom and web based environments world-wide. In addition to classroom training she has also been involved in onsite installation, configuration and calibration for commercial, packaging and newspaper shops. Alicia enjoys working with many great customers and dealers who share her enthusiasm for the industry.