Polijet 3D

Polijet 3D





For image sublimation in thermo-forming vacuum systems


A thermally formable film especially designed to transfer any graphic image onto a three-dimensional object, Polijet 3D is printed using dye sublimation inks with standard inkjet piezotechnology. Unlike sublimation papers, which at best can be wrapped around a cylindrical object, Polijet 3D is designed to take the shape of any object that it is adhered to and to sublimate any kind of image onto the surface of that object.
Available in Polijet 3D clear, Polijet 3D Gold and Polijet 3D Fine.



Important note: to sublimate the image it is necessary to use a vacuum frame equipped with infrared lamps on the top.

  • The image is first printed onto POLIJET 3D sheet with an inkjet printer or plotter using dye sublimation inks; such printer should be equipped with a RIP and an appropriate ICC profile.
  • The printed sheet of POLIJET 3D is mounted onto the chase, pre-heated for few seconds in order to soften the film and subsequently lowered down onto the object to be decorated. With the activation of the vacuum system POLIJET 3D is adhered perfectly to the surface of the object.
  • The sublimation process is activated by applying high temperatures (150-190 C°): the ink changes from a solid to a gas and penetrates the surface of the object.
  • The curing time depends on the dimensions of the object and the quantity of ink to be transferred. After being cured, the POLIJET 3D is removed leaving a colourful and scratch resistant surface.

Polijet 3D is available in three products:
PoliJet 3D Clear: A translucent material; This is more suitable for hand registration. Items can be seen through the media. 
Polijet 3D Gold: This media has a gold finish which is more resistant to heat and can operate at higher temperatures causing a shorter sublimation time.
Polijet 3D Fine:This media has a bulkier coating which covers fine details and stands up to hot metal.


  • A balanced thermo-formable base ensuring:

  1. A perfect contouring of the objects to be printed with a limitless choice of shapes.
  2. A precise positioning of the image in all areas of the object.
  • The use of the digital printing process enables:​

  1. The Personalized Decoration of each single piece.
  2. A reduced cost of the prepress setup
Thickness Weight Printability Transfer Temp. Printable Substrates
Mic. G/M2 Inks C Untreated Treated
170 225 Dye Sublimation 150-190 PA, PTB, Polycarbonate Aluminum, steel, glass,
ceramic, etc.
(with a polyester varnish primer)