Poliwet Compact








Engineered for use in the automatic blanket cleaners that require wet rolls, Poliwet Compact can also be used as a replacement of the dry mini-rolls by disconnecting the solvent dispensing systems. When using Poliwet Compact, the mini-roll is moistened just before being used: our rolls will never run dry; your blankets will be perfectly clean; and you will eliminate polluting solvents in the pressroom, thus ensuring minimum impact on the environment and on the health of your press operator (100% VOC free).



  • Performance: water soluble, designed to remove both UV and conventional inks
  • Concentrated formulation
  • Environmentally safe: made from natural vegetable oils, 100% VOC free
  • this is THE eco-wash!
  • Safety: its formulation, containing only natural ingredients, and safe to the health of the people


Poliwet Compact

Our unique moistening system, made of a special plastic bag divided into two adjacent sections. One section contains the exact quantity of cleaner that is needed for the ideal wetting of the roll, the other contains the nonwoven mini-roll. The flow of the cleaner from the first into the second section is obtained by removing the separation clip.


The many advantages of Poliwet Compact are:

  • DURABILITY: not only does the product have a timeless shelf life, but it also lasts extremely long on press, thanks to the exclusive formula of the detergent
  • EASE OF STORAGE: there is no special storage requirement and no need for routine rotation to keep the impregnation homogeneous
  • FIT FOR APPLICATIONS THAT DEVELOP HIGH TEMPERATURE IN THE PRESS: the high flashpoint (above 100C / 210°F) of the cleaning solution makes its use safe even on large heat-set web presses
  • MINIMUM IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT, MAXIMUM SAFETY FOR BOTH OPERATORS AND MINIMUM WEAR ON THE BLANKETS: the cleaning solution is 100% VOC FREE and it is measured in the amount to guarantee the best cleaning results with the lowest use of cleaner
  • CONVENIENT TO PREPARE: just remove the separation clip and the detergent will flow and evenly wet the mini-roll in a few minutes
  • MAXIMUM CLEANING POWER as the preparation is affected right before use:
    1. The cloth fully maintains its characteristics as it is not weakened by prolonged contact with a solvent
    2. The cleaning solution maintains its chemicals properties as it is isolated from the nonwoven
  • BEST VALUE FOR THE MONEY: it has the most competitive price in the market.



  • 8 plastic bags containing the cleaning solution and the mini-roll separated by a plastic slip
  • Gloves
  • 1 instruction leaflet