High Volume Rotary Oven Press 

This high production rotary vacuum press consists of eight chase stations 860mm x 560mm (33.86” x 22.05”) each. Separate items can be fixture and placed in each chase making this an extremely flexible and high volume production environment. Chase size can be adjusted to your width specifications and needs. Processing times can vary between 60 and 180 seconds to accommodate product and sublimation temperature needs. Approximate  load time will be every 2.5 minutes and all 8 chases travel through the rotary oven in about 20 minutes.



The oven has eight independent vacuum pumps and a high volume convection heating system.

A wide variety of products can be produced in this oven press.

Each chase can accomate approximately 24-30 typical cell covers for 3D decoration.

Approximately 600 cell phone covers can be produced per hour, or approximately 125 square feet of product.

This oven can produce over 1000 square feet of product per shift, making it the most productive oven press in the industry.


A Preheat Device with vacuum forming is also included, so sublimation can be performed most effectively in the main oven environment. Transportation carts are available for loading and unloading in a manual workflow.

For a more automated workflow, an automatic loader and unloader can be supplied.


Operating temperature: 160-180° C


Power requirement:

OVEN 400V/3ph + Neutral + Ground. 80A/phase.

PREHEAT 400V/3 ph + neutral + ground 10 A/phase

Temperature control (sublimation) +/-2 ºC control 

Spare parts kit including:

• 1 Vacuum Pump

• 1 heating element

• 1 vacuum gauge

• Additional tubing and cables

Guarantee: 12 Months replacement parts guarantee.