Screen Products

Screen Print Products

Film Substitute

In screen printing and stamp manufacturing applications, photographic silver based film, for the production of masters and screen preparation, is being replaced by transparent films that, printed digitally, perform as well and result in great savings in space, time inventory and equipment.


Inkjet Printers

PoliJet Black:

Transparent Microporous Inkjet film that can be imaged on any aqueous inkjet printer through a rip that provides screen generation and tone control. This film achieves superior optical density and UV blocking capability. Densities above 3.2 can be produced with PoliJet Hi-Density black inks. This film is suitable for screen  ranges from 40lpi to 133lpi in positive or negative without image loss or fill in.

PoliJet JTK4:

Transparent polyester film suitable for the preparation of positive line work or halftones. Excellent densities can be produced on dye-based printers. Pigment based inks can be used with longer dry time and better handling. This film provides an economical alternative for the budget conscious screen printer.


Toner Based Printers

LM04 Laser Matte:

Thermally stabilized polyester film with a matte surface coating for optimal tones adhesion used in the preparation of positive line work or halftones.

Thickness .004"


LM05 Laser Matte

A thicker (5 mil) version of LM04, with a higher stability is recommended for color work.



Traditional Layout/Stripping Material

Anti Static Films

AS04, AS05, AS07:

High clarity PET film with anti-static coating on both sides, dimensionally stable, excellent flatness. Available in rolls and sheets in the following thicknesses .004(100 micron),  .005(125 micron) and .007(175 micron). 


Orange Vinyl Mask


Opaque orange PVC, strong and economical mask, good flatness.  Available in .055" (140 micron) and .075"(190 micron). 


Ruby Mask


Cut and peel masking film on PET clear base. Excellent flatness and dimensional stability.