Varnishing Blankets

Polispot ®

Polispot Plus ® & Policoat ®

High Performance Spot and Flood Coating Solutions​



A complete range of products for coating and varnishing.


POLISPOT Universal polymer blanket for water-based/acrylic and UV coatings
POLISPOT AQUA Economy polymer blanket for water-based/acrylic coatings
POLISPOT UV Premium polymer blanket designed for use with UV coatings
POLISPOT COMPRESSIBLE Compressible polymer blanket  for water-based/acrylic and UV varnishes
POLISPOT PLUS An innovative multi-layer varnishing plate for all kinds of paper and varnishes
POLICOAT Self-adhesive film for off-line/indirect coating


Polispot Polymer coating blankets for spot and flood coating are manufactured using an exclusive multi-layer technology on a polyester base:


  • Minimum ink build-up allowing long runs without back trapping inks.
  • Produces the smoothest coating without any “orange peel” effect 
  • Reusable with no registration problems 
  • Highest dimensional stability for longer blanket life.
  • Easy to cut (by hand or with a CAD) and strip
  • Easy to clean


Direct Coating:


Translucent polymer blanket for UV and acrylic/water based coatings


Translucent economy polymer blanket, for acrylic/water based coatings.


Translucent, polymer coating blanket with high resilience to UV coatings for longer UV runs


Translucent, compressible polymer coating blanket for UV and acrylic/water based coatings, particularly needed when using recycled or uneven paper.


Maximum flexibility and Improved durability because its special compressible top layer which delivers ideal softness and resilience, as well as improved resistance to mechanical stress and chemical aggression.

Indirect Coating:


Translucent, self-adhesive polymer varnishing plate for water based and UV coatings, designed to be applied to the aluminium plate for indirect spot and fl ood coating jobs.

Product Available Thickness (Inches)
POLISPOT 0.045 0.054 0.066 0.077
POLISPOT AQUA  0.045 0.054 - -
POLISPOT COMPRESSIBLE  0.045 0.054 0.066 0.077
POLISPOT UV  0.045 0.054 0.066 0.077
POLISPOT PLUS 0.045 0.054    
POLICOAT 0.021      

Our Family of Coating Blankets: