Polijet 3D

A thermally formable film especially designed to transfer any graphic image onto a three-dimensional object, Polijet 3D is printed using dye sublimation inks with standard inkjet piezotechnology. Unlike sublimation papers, which at best can be wrapped around a cylindrical object, Polijet 3D is designed totake the shape of any object that it is adhered to and to sublimate any kind of image onto the surface of that object.

Check out a short video of the Policrom Polijet 3D at SGIA.

Equipment and Accessories

Oven presses

Sublivent IR 1000:

Infrared entry level production machine for the 3D sublimation market
Film size 19" x 16" (485 x 408) is loaded on to the machine by means of an independently mounted clamping frame system, which allows for registration as well as ease of loading and unloading the machine away from the heat.

Sublivent Pro:

Economical Table Top Entry-level Professional Production.
Sublivent Pro includes a 15 x 20 x 6.5" high work area with convection heat.

Sublivent 445:

Economical Entry-level Professional Production 
Sublivent 445 includes a 17.5" x 17.5" x 21.25" high work area with convection heat.


Fast Production and High Volume
Sublimatrix includes a 22.8" x 34.25" work space with highly automated IR heat.


Walk In for High Volume for large items.
Sublimax includes 78.75" x 98.5" x 98.5 High work space with Convection heat.


High Volume Production Oven
Rotovent provides very high volume in a rotary production format consisting of 8 chase stations each 33.86" x 22.05". The workflow includes a complete pre-heat station, 8 chases and a circular path for sublimation. Steady and gentle convection heating gives you extreme production while maintaining discriminating image quality and form integrity with plastics, metal or ceramics

Grand Sublimation

Grand Format Dye Sublimation Equipment

Now it is possible to create grand format decorative features with the style and durability of Dye Sublimation for industrial, commercial and residential applications. With outdoor materials, no job is too big or too daunting. Policrom has the solution.

Automatic High Volume Media Feeders

High Volume maxi rolls of media are automatically fed into your Dye Sublimation printer. An Electric Eye senses feed movement and advances the roll of media.

Additional or Custom Chases

Additional chases are available for each oven press to allow pipeline production. Operators can Perform 3 simultaneous functions making our Oven Presses the most productive in the industry.



























Policrom Equipment Leasing Program

Policrom has partnered with Centurion Financial Services to create an exciting and easy way to acquire Printers, Oven Presses and all equipment needed for 3D Dye Sublimation production. From now until June 30th, Policrom will pay your first month's lease payment on any Policrom 3D Dye Sublimation system. Download the lease application and fax it back to Policrom at 215-638-7667 for immediate processing.