Policrom for Flexo Industry

Policrom range of products for the Flexo Industry includes Inks, substrates and cover films among others.


As a Branch location of Braden Sutphin Inks, we have the capacity to produce from small to large batches of inks for offset and Flexo applications. You have the advantage of faster turn-around and personalized service...


These are some of the types of ink available from Braden Sutphin Inks:



Product Application

Cor-Graphix Inks are a water based flexo series developed for corrugated printing on box, folding carton and POP displays. Cor-Graphix offers excellent press stability and low maintenance features. Ideal for 2 - 8 color applications or 2 - 3 color applications when die cutting in-line.

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Envelope Graphix

Product Application

Envelope Graphix is a water-based flexo series developed for use in printing envelopes. It is a high-quality, glossy base system that offers excellent press stability and low maintenance features. Product Features Envelope Graphix ink properties may vary depending upon the actual substrate used. Available in 4 color process and base colors.
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Film Bond Graphix

Product Application

The Film Bond Graphix series is a new ink series that displays exceptional adhesion to hard-to-wet surfaces like PE, PP, and PVC films. It offers excellent press stability, color strength and displays scratch resistance.
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Product Application

Braden Sutphin Multi-Flex series is known for its cutting-edge ink formulation. Specifically designed to reduce operator intervention and improve throughput, these advanced inks run between pH tolerances of 8.5 and 9.5 for hours of trouble-free printing. Multi-Flex inks offer high definition, reduced dot bridging and cleaner plates on narrow, as well as wide-web applications. Multi-Flex Displays exceptional adhesion on many hard to wet surfaces.
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Many other Inks and Coatings available, please contact us with your requests:  



Substrates and Cover Films

Used for the production of Liquid Polymer Plates, our line of Cover Films and Substrates is quite extensive and compatible with liquid polymers used in the Flexographic industry.




This superior substrate has a uniform coating that does not degrade with time or as a result of premature exposure to UV.
Thicknesses of .004" (PB04) and .007" (PB07)
Surface tension: >50 dynes/cm

Adhesive Substrate

Policrom PB07 is coated with an adhesive layer and release liner to facilitate plate mounting. This eliminates the costly use of mounting tapes.
PBAP has a clear smooth liner
PBAC has a channeled liner for easy release of any air under the plate.
PBAS is a new generation of adhesive substrate with a continuous adhesive for easy release and application.


Cover Films


Cover film used in the production of rubber stamps, BP80 is a clear gloss film, available in a variety of roll sizes.
Material: BOPP
Thickness .0008"


Cover film used in the production of Flexographic plates.
Thickness: .001"